Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture…











Garden Sphere

This is my take on this week’s Photo Challenge: Texture from The Daily Post.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture…

    1. I actually agree with you but any time that I would go to the actual sight it would show a few empty spots so I thought maybe it wasn’t up to par. Did you notice any empty spaces? I’d prefer to change it back. Thank you for saying that! I appreciate the honesty 🙂


      1. Empty spaces? Where? I usually notice these things, but I don’t recall anything that would disturb my sense of order on your blog when it was running the previous theme. This probably doesn’t help 😦

        On a related note, I noticed you just insert all your photos in the body of the post — it might be deliberate, but usually the gallery format is used to display photos because it showcases them so nicely. Here is what I mean: http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/.


      2. I suppose it’s possible that it was a computer issue on my end that made the empty spaces appear. I’ll give it another go 🙂

        Also, thank you so much for suggesting the gallery format. I will try it in my next post. I really should look at getting to know WordPress better. I know I haven’t been utilizing all the tools available. You make my blog better just with your lovely comments and now you get to have a hand it making the esthetics better too 😉


      3. If you’re ready to give the previous theme another go, I’d love that, I was often just basking on your blog and taking in its lovely looks… Well, you could tell that I’m partial to the previous theme (whose name I forgot).

        If you have any problems, you can always try to ask in the support forums http://en.forums.wordpress.com/, where I got much help. The basic how-tos of WordPress are covered here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/.

        You’re blogging just fine; it’s just me being such a freak into instructions for use, I tend to read all of them, so I sometimes know things 🙂 And sometimes I don’t! Anyway, good luck and happy blogging!


      4. So…I changed the theme back to Pictorico. However, I somehow missed the opportunity to use the gallery option you mentioned lol. I’ll have to fiddle with it a bit more.

        Thank you for all of the info! I most definitely need it 😉


      5. Woo hoo!! Your blog is back from “nice” to “stunning”! I can see no issues with this theme and I’m really so much in love with it… I’d use it myself immediately, but it’s not suitable for the format of my blog 😦 It’s really a theme for photography-only (or mostly) blogs and it showcases your work very well!


      6. I did it! I find it slightly embarrassing that it took me so long but at least now I know! Now just to sit for the hours it will take to update each post lol


      7. But don’t feel pressurised to do any changes just because I told you so, OK? Sometimes I guess I get a bit too enthusiastic about advising people about their business — or blogging — with good intentions perhaps, but it could be annoying. So, if there’s anything I could help with, let me know, and otherwise, happy blogging on your great blog 🙂


      8. Haha I do not feel pressured at all! I really like that you even noticed the change! My blog would be so boring if no one commented or liked anything so I appreciate the input greatly. 🙂


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