A Thousand Words Photography Becomes SMld Photography…

I have used very few words on this blog. I prefer to express myself through photographs. I started this blog wanting total anonymity. I thought it was because I just arrogantly wanted my pictures to speak for themselves. I have finally realized that it was just because I wanted to hide behind a mask. I chose ‘A Thousand Words’ obviously in reference to the common saying but also because it in no way resembled to my actual name. Today I am changing that. I have recently had the honour of displaying 3 of my pieces in a very public office near where I live and was faced with a dilemma: do I sign with ‘A Thousand Words’ or use my own name. I ended up signing with ‘SMld’ which is a combination of my initials and letters from my last name. I realized I didn’t need/want to hide anymore.

So today my username and blog name have permanently changed to ‘SMld Photography!’ It’s a very small step but a significant one for me. I am not brave enough to change the blog address yet as (being a bit tech-UNsavy) I’m afraid I will lose something in the process. I suspect that after visiting the forums I’ll have my answer on that soon enough and will change it over.

So…there you have it. Not major news but I did blab on a tad. I’ll end it here and get back to snapping pictures which I  much prefer. Self-indulgent ramblings over 🙂




5 thoughts on “A Thousand Words Photography Becomes SMld Photography…

  1. This is a great change and I’m happy for you 🙂 I’m very much enjoying your renewed interest in blogging your excellent photos.

    On the downside, I think you can’t change you web address, you can only change the name of your blog, as you’ve already done…


    1. Thanks so much Mara! I’ve really loved getting back into it as well 🙂

      I did find that out about the web address as well unfortunately. Ah well….My super long one will have to do for now.


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