Grass, Sun and a 1965 Jawa…

DSC02964 DSC02965 DSC02966 DSC02967 DSC02968 DSC02969 DSC02970 DSC02971 DSC03013 DSC03014 DSC03015 DSC03016 DSC03017 DSC03018 DSC03019 DSC03020 DSC03021 DSC03022 DSC03023


3 thoughts on “Grass, Sun and a 1965 Jawa…

  1. A classic old machine! I wonder about the origin of these pictures though: have you taken these during a visit to Slovakia (I see Slovakia in your tags)? That would be funny because I think these parts of Europe are not really a common tourist destination (no offence, after all, I live in these parts).


    1. Haha yes I have been to Slovakia twice actually. I think it’s beautiful. Though culturally I find it a bit difficult, it’s a peaceful place in winter and summer. Lots and lots of things to photograph! This picture is of my friend’s motorcycle that he is working on. I couldn’t resist snapping it 🙂


      1. The whole of the former Eastern Bloc is culturally difficult for visitors from elsewhere – there’s a specific mentality in the post-communist countries that is, let’s admit it, not very positive or welcoming. But I’m glad that you found some picturesque spots to take photos of in Slovakia! And I promise, no more moralising about cultural differences…


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